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Teaching is one of the best professions in the world. Where else do you have the opportunity to play and learn with eager participants every day? Well, maybe as a professional gamer, but teaching is a close second! Now...Everybody Up! is a website devoted to assisting teachers in honing their skills in making learning fun for everyone in the classroom. This doesn’t mean students don’t progress academically. Quite the contrary!

When students are engaged physically, mentally and emotionally they enjoy the learning activities, and when the activities are real and connected to their own lives, the new information is retained so that authentic learning takes place and students experience academic success.
Please contact us if you are interested in having us come to your school to train the teachers so they can use ACT strategies to better enhance instruction.

This is what Teachers are saying about us:

Kathy Peters, Teacher Moorpark Unified School District, Moorpark, CA
This year, everybody was up! It was so fun to see the “ah-ha” looks on some of their faces. This class has been the most cohesive, caring, involved group of learners that I have had in years; perhaps ever. I believe that using Everybody Up! is largely responsible for this. I’m a true believer…

Staci Daringer, Teacher Moorpark Unified School District, Moorpark, CA
This year I to have a very diverse group of learners; a large G.A.T.E. cluster and a good-sized RSP/ EL cluster. Active, collaborative teaching and learning have been instrumental in helping all these learners be fully engaged and actively participating in order to master grade level standards.

Karin Ninnemann, Teacher Moorpark Unified School District Moorpark, CA

Now Everybody Up! has made me a better teacher and has helped my students be more creative, independent, collaborative, and critical thinkers.