Do Good Work & Have Fun!
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Together Mike McCambridge and Julie Sieger have more than 75 years experience in P-12 schools and almost 20 years in higher education. They believe their journeys as professional educators reflect what they believe and hold dear regarding teaching and learning. Their mission as educators has guided their journey. That mission has evolved into the simple statement: Do Good Work and Have Fun!

Since 1998 much of their good work has centered on the use of drama strategies in the general education classroom. Since the late 90’s they have used these strategies in their own teaching in P-12 and in higher education. Since 2007 they have been part of a partnership between California Lutheran University and Moorpark Unified School District funded through a federal Arts in Education grant entitled Project ACT: Active, Collaborative Teaching. This AEMDD grant provides training and support for teachers in the six elementary schools in this small district in Southern California. As members of the faculty (Julie is now retired) of the School of Education of California Lutheran University, they serve as trainers for the teachers in the use of drama strategies in the classroom.

They have chosen to share their experiences through this website rather than in traditional print form. Hopefully, the easily accessible content will offer other professional educators tools that will enhance their own teaching style for it is their mission through Now...Everybody Up! To partner with other educators to ignite the love for learning in all students. 

Now...Everybody Up! offers a series of teaching and learning approaches that better engage students and increase academic achievements for learners. Now...Everybody Up! uses drama education strategies as pedagogy for the general education classroom. Now...Everybody Up! Stepping Stones are designed for the classroom teacher who is not a drama person.

This website does not provide suggestions on how to put on a class play. In fact, none of these strategies are to be used as performance with an audience. This is a sequential group of effective learning strategies that can be used in the classroom everyday in every subject area with all students as a participatory set, a lesson or an assessment tool. These strategies engage the students and the teacher physically, mentally and emotionally